Japan meets Cancale: Le Table Breizh Café

Fried, farm-raised yellow chicken

For a fan of fresh oysters, a visit to Cancale is mandatory when spending holidays in Brittany. Looking for a good restaurant there, I stumbled over Le Table Breizh Café – a one Michelin starred restaurant, in which chef Raphael-Fumio Kudaka is serving a Japanese-French fusion kitchen.

The restaurant is situated in the bay of Cancale, just around the corner of the famous oyster fields. The ground floor hosts a café, while the restaurant is situated in the first floor.

Outside Breizeh Café
Outside Breizh Café

The inside is tastefully decorated in japanese style. I sat on the counter – a place that I like very much, since I love watching the chefs prepare the food. From the windows you can enjoy the view over the bay.

Inside Breizeh Café
Inside Breizh Café

For lunch a 3/4 course menu is offered (38/48 €). The very friendly waiter recommended some wine and then I started with my meal:

Lobster, smoked haddock and japanese salad
Lobster, smoked haddock and japanese salad

A very fresh start: A  salad with well balanced notes of sweet, sour and umami with a twist of toasted sesame seeds. Both the haddock and the lobster were of good quality and set an interesting contrast of fatty/lightly smoky versus sweet. Unfortunately the whole dish was very cold (especially the lobster) so that the taste could not develop fully.

Fried, farm-raised yellow chicken
Fried, farm-raised yellow chicken

Really good karaage – fresh fried pieces of excellent chicken (not too lean, nor too fatty – rather salty though) with some refreshing vegetables and daikon. Nice.

Veal with peas, mushrooms and truffled jus
Veal with peas, mushrooms and truffled jus

The main course presented a piece of veal, probably fillet, in very nice quality. It was topped with some seaweed, the peas brought some vegetal notes and the dense jus was great. On the side some fattier parts of the veal were put on mushroom-spaghetti in a truffled, creamy sauce. All in all very satisfying.

Biscuit with red fruits and ice cream
Biscuit with red fruits and ice cream

The dessert reminded me very much of my mother’s cooking – she always made this roulade de biscuit when I was a child. A good, homemade dessert – nothing more, but nothing less.

My lunch at Le Table Breizh Café was nice, it is well priced and you get high quality ingredients in a very decent environment. In terms of preparation I guess that the evening menus are prepared more thoroughly (in terms of temperature and saltiness).

Visit: July 2018
Michelin stars at time of visit: *
Budget: 65€/person (lunch with wine)
Location: 6/10
Service: 6,5/10
Food: 6,5/10

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