Food Experiences

Sushi heaven: Hakobune in Tokyo
The art of soba: Muto in Nihonbashi (Tokyo)
Please get in line for Sushi Dai...and wait 3 hours
25 years in a drop: A visit to Acetaia di Giorgio in Modena
In Bourdain's footsteps: Antica Macelleria Cecchini
A lesson about the difficulties of communication: Osteria Francescana in Modena
El Cellar de Can Roca: Literally the best meal of my life
Tapas at the circus: Get a ticket for Tickets!
Weinbesprechung auf
Nikkei cuisine in Barcelona: Pakta
Enjoying Andreas Doellerer's Cuisine Alpine
Restaurant Vincent Mark II: Same restaurant, new cook
Crustacean Carnage
Denmark is a cute country #2: Pølser and Smørebrød
Denmark is a cute country #1: Ants and juice at NOMA
Ni-Hao: Welcome to Sichuan!
An Istrian enclave in Vienna - Restaurant Sopile
In Munch's shoes - A visit in Ekeberg restaurant Oslo
Charascho! Dine georgian style at Satrapezo! Dawai!
A new burger in town - Burger De Ville@25hours hotel
Konichiwa at Kuishimbo
Yesterday's glory: Wini Brugger's Indochine21
What's that Kosta ?
Home match: An evening at Taubenkobel
Walter Bauer: Old school is new school
St. Ellas: Bobo's living room
Mraz&Sohn is making love to my taste-buds
Let's go swimming ? - Dinner at Badeschiff
Late summer dinner at Freyenstein
Styria? What the heck - it's the Steirereck!
So I've been to the Marktachterl
Inner values
Burger. Did you say BURGER ?
Late dinner at Skopik&Lohn
A beautiful Sunday lunch at Gut Purbach
Breakfast at Meierei im Stadtpark
Dinner at Restaurant Vincent
A visit to Bhukara - India's best restaurant